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Questions about Insurance Coverage and COVID-19


Standard policy language does not extend coverage to loss of business income or extra expense unless there has been a covered loss causing physical damage to real or personal property. Loss of business income / extra expense from a Civil Authority also will not respond as there must be damage to someone else’s property that in turn caused the Civil Authority.  Based on policy language, neither a voluntary nor mandated shutdown would trigger the business income coverage.


The insurance companies have advised they will not determine coverage based on hypotheticals. If you ascertain that you might have a potential claim under this coverage it is important that you reach out to us immediately to file a first report of loss. All claims will be thoroughly investigated for coverage.


In general, an illness that arises from COVID-19 will need to meet both elements below to be compensable and result in WC benefit eligibility

  • Illness must arise out of the course and scope of employment
  • Illness must arise out of or be caused by conditions particular to the work and not an ordinary disease of life to which the general public is exposed

In the case of COVID-19, it is critical to understand the unique job that an employee was performing if/when exposed. For example, healthcare professionals, first responders (EMT), hospital workers, and lab technicians often have a lower threshold for connecting the cause/source to the course and scope of their work. When you report a suspected COVID-19 related workers compensation claim to our agency or directly to the insurance carrier additional information is required. Be certain to indicate on the first report of injury that this is COVID-19 related.